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Silent Door Holder

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One part is mounted to the surface to be held open. The other to an adjoining stationary surface. The plunger fits firmly & quietly into the socket, securing the movable surface until it is pulled away. Both plunger & socket are constructed of high quality steel for long wear. Insert is heavy duty rubber. Zinc plated. Holes for 1/4" screw.

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Plunger Length

List Price

Overall Length

H-9013 Plunger (Zinc Plated) Plunger 1 1/4 Inch $1.95 1 5/8 Inch
H-9014 Plunger (Zinc Plated) Plunger 1 3/4 Inch $1.95 2 1/8 Inch
H-9015 Plunger (Zinc Plated) Plunger 2 1/4 Inch $1.95 2 5/8 Inch
H-9016 Plunger (Zinc Plated) Plunger 2 3/4 Inch $1.95 3 1/8 Inch
H-9017 Socket w/Rubber Insert, Regular Hole, Zinc Socket N/A $3.25 N/A
H-9018 Rubber Insert Only, Regular Hole Socket N/A $1.50 N/A
H-9653 Socket w/Rubber Insert, Small Hole, Zinc Socket N/A $1.75 N/A
H-9654 Socket w/Rubber Insert, Small Hole,Chrome Socket N/A $2.05 N/A
H-9655 Rubber Insert Only, Small Hole Socket N/A $0.70 N/A
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1