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Door Holders

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Hold Tite Door Holders


Silent Door Holder

One part is mounted to the surface to be held open. The other to an adjoining stationary surface. The plunger fits firmly & quietly into the socket, securing the movable surface until it is pulled away. Both plunger & socket are constructed of high quality steel for long wear. Insert is heavy duty rubber. Zinc plated. Holes for 1/4" screw.

Door Holder w/Nylon Long Last Insert

Silent type door holder features a nylon socket for long life. Shank & escutcheon zinc; nylon copolymer socket is impervious to wear in extreme temperatures. An exclusive feature, holding power is adjusted by the socket mounting screw. Bulk packed.

Note: Length specified is measured from base of plunger to base of socket.

Door Holder


Adjustable Nylon Door Holder

This tough, adjustable door holder was specially designed for use on all types of enclosures using hinged or sliding doors. The unique design includes a brass screw which allows delicate adjustment for the force required to hold even the heaviest door or panel.

Door Holder - Malleable Iron

Spring loaded Stainless steel plunger spring with grease fitting.

 FINISH — Zinc

Door Holder Link Type 2" or 4" Loop

All steel for trucks & trailers bodies with swing doors. Also may be used for any large swing doors on trucks, industrial buildings, ovens, etc. Zinc plated finish.

Flexible Plastic Door Holder

Grey Thermoplastic construction

Heavy Duty Positive Door Holder

This Positive Door Holder was designed for heavy duty use. Its rugged steel construction incorporates a flat hook - retaining spring which prevents the 4" malleable hook from accidently bouncing out of the keeper.

(Eberhard 5601-1/2) FINISH — Zinc

Aluminum Door Holder

Aluminum door holder with spring latch - 2" and 4"