• H8216

    • Gas Tanks
    • Gas Caps
    • Gauges & Meters


  • M-1837
  • M-5199

    Base is made of high-impact plastic; cover is clear polycarbonate with a permanently adhered gasket.

  • M5200

    9"Aluminum tube and bracket with rubber end caps and grommets. Comes with Capkeeper™ a strong, durable, protective cord that puts record case end caps in their place, and keeps them there. No worry about lost end caps.

  • H9395

    For Trucks, Trailers, or Vans

    • Low cost
    • Weatherproof
    • Full 85% light transmission
    • Leak proof
    • Easy installation
    • Shatterproof reinforced fiberglass
    Insure faster and safer loading and unloading, easier handling of cargo, less cargo damage, and less personal injury. These skylights are water proof and crowned construction eliminates water settlement. Install on any new or existing body. Skylights are complete, with grommet assembled and sealed to translucent panel. Can be mounted without tools.

  • M5181

    Aluminum cover over transparent fiberglass.

  • M1412



  • M4216

    Steel zinc plated

  • M5660

    Heavy duty carrier designed for tough commercial/industrial use. Fits all American and foreign makes. Extends from 50" to 72" with an adjustable bracket to secure load. Heavy gauge steel with baked enamel. Supports load off roof. M-5671, same as M-5660 except increases load stability. Optional Adapter Kit available for use on Chevy, Astro, GMC Safari and Ford Aerostar Vans.

  • M1419
  • M4699
  • H5809

    Normal natural shoulder split leather, rubberized 2-1/2" cuff, cotton fleecy lining, cotton back, large size.
    Safety cuff work gloves (gunn cut).

  • M5070

    Laminated case. Brass cylinder, pin tumbler security. Nickel-plated locking lever. Hardened steel shackle. 2 Brass keys.

  • M5507
  • M2928

    Original equipment and replacement windows rectangular sliders and fixed universal side wall windows with black frame finish, all around weather tight moulding, fixed screens, universal design (one window fits both right and left side), supplied with grey safety glass. Packaged one window per carton.

  • m5447

    Note: Complete pedestal is made from two mounting hubs and one tubular leg.

  • M2994

    Extruded Aluminum sliding table support. One piece mounts on side wall, the other mounts on edge of table. 30" sets.

  • M5045

    • Label Protection Tape
    • Strapping Tape
    • Masking Tape
    • Duct Tape
    • Dual Lock and Hook and Loop reclosable fasteners