• M-1837

    Integral first and second stages ensure a smoother, more consistent flow of gas to all appliances. CSA Listed. Inlet: 1/4"  FNPT. Outlet: 3/8" FNPT. Outlet pressure: 11" WC.  BTU Capacity (propane): 160,000 BTU/HR.

  • M-1838

    For RV's with dual propane tank hookup.  Regulators maintains constant gas pressure and automatically changes from empty tank to full one.  Allows removalof empty cylinder for refill without interrupting propane supply.  Inlet: 1/4" SAE inverted flare.  Outlet: 3/8" NPT female.

  • m1835

    Double cylinder assembly consisting of (1) M-1833 regulator, (2) M-1842 pigtails and (1) M-1841 Tee check.

  • M1833

    Zinc Die Cast, low pressure, single stage regulator, with drip lip vent. Does not require a cover when installed. U.L. listed.

  • M1865
  • m-1847a

    Rack only. Tanks, regulator and hoses not included.

  • M1831

    This adapter has a convenient, soft nose handwheel P.O.L. on one end and a unique brass 1" 20 male swivel fitting with “0” ring and valve on the opposite end. The durable thermoplastic hose has a working pressure of 350 P.S.I. and a 1750 P.S.I. burst rating. With this hose you can quickly and safely adapt any appliance, normally fueled by small disposable cylinders to a larger, refillable L.P. vapor tank. Unlike most competitive models, swivel fittings on both ends of the hose eliminates the necessity of turning the entire hose to make the connection.

  • M1842

    For Hook-Up into Tee check and Cylinder for Double Assembly.

  • M1841

    For hook-up with pigtails and into regulator. 1/4" inverted flarex 1/4" MPT.

  • M1749

    24" U.L.- C.G.A. listed Thermoplastic Pigtail.
    Excess flow P.O.L. x 1/4" inverted flare.
    Comply with R.V.I.A., O.E.M. requirements.

  • M1745

    From L.P. gas regulator to appliance.
    1/4" ID rubber L.P. hose. 3/8" flare fitting (service end) x 3/8" male pipe (regular end).

  • m1845

    Designed to insure an uninterrupted gas supply for all your RV appliances: Pilot lights, Refrigerator, RV stove, water heater & other vital systems. The "remote sensor" recognizes when the regulator has "changed over" & is drawing from the second cylinder (reserve). The sensor signals the "indicator box" located inside your RV to start "blinking", alerting you that the main cylinder has emptied.