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Large Rubber Holddowns Complete with Zinc Brackets

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Snug-fit fastening with no rattle. Heavy duty fastening, for use on hoods, battery box covers, access panels. Won’t rust or corrode. Standard set comes complete with the bracket stem down (H-5803) & anchor bracket (H-5804). An optional stem up bracket (H-5802) is available. Hardware zinc plated.

H-5800, H-5801, H-5823, and H5824 come complete with bracket stem down and anchor bracket

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H-5800 Fastener, 6" W/Brackets 6 Inch 1/4 lb $8.25
H-5801 Fastener, 8" W/Brackets 8 Inch 1/4 lb $8.75
H-5802 Bracket, stem up N/A N/A 1/4 lb $1.95
H-5803 Bracket, stem down N/A N/A 1/4 lb $0.95
H-5804 Anchor Bracket N/A N/A 1/4 lb $0.95
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1