• M1380

    Fixed decibel alarms in 97, 107 or 112 db ratings.
    Speaker style back-up alarms feature chemical resistant, high impact housings to protect internal components and epoxy sealed solid state electronics for trouble-free operation and safe steam cleaning. Units have an operating temperature rating of -40° to +185° F, allowing for safe use in even the most extreme conditions. Designed with a universal flange for mounting flexibility and two (2) 16 gauge, 9" color-coded wire leads. Each unit is polarity and voltage protected and meets SAE J994 AUG 93 Types A to D requirements, depending on decibel output.

  • M7208

    • Battery boxes
    • Cable
    • Chargers
    • Hold Downs
    • Terminals

  • M-2351


    • A variety of choices in Amorphous Solar Panels. Our Amorphous panels and kits work in all daylight conditions helping you to harness the Suns Energy! Water Resistent, shock and rust resistant.
    • Three choices in Monocrystalline Solar Panels. Monocrystalline panels are the most efficient solution, over all models, at converting sunlight to electricity. Since these panels are more efficient you need fewer of them and, if you have limited space, these may be a good option.

  • M3632
  • M3011

    For multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system. Protects chassis charging system from excessive loading, allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged.

    The battery seperator has two basic operational  characteristics: Assist in engine starting and Protects the charging system.

  • m4592

    Dual & triple battery isolators & protector wiring kits

    Sure Power multi-battery Isolators are designed for negative ground alternator systems, and batteries of the same nominal voltage. They electrically isolate main and auxiliary battery circuits so each battery charges and discharges independently. Sure Power Isolators can be used for a broad range of applications and are designed for marine as well as vehicle use. Special application isolators (including positive ground alternator systems) are available on special order.

    Sure power wiring kits

    1. Sure power kit #1882-D (Includes 15' #8 ga., 50 amp CB, term. & conn.)
    2. Sure power kit #1884-D (includes 25' #8 ga., 50 amp CB, term. & conn.)
    3. Sure power kit #1886-D (includes 15' #6 ga., terminals and connector)

  • M2413

    With Thermal Automatic Reset

    For SURE POWER Battery Isolators

  • M3204

    Universal for 6, 12, 24 volt

    Automatic reset

  • M5202

    Various adapters for truck to trailer wiring.

  • M1278

    Electrical connectors for vehicle to trailer wiring. These products range from single pole connectors to nine pole connectors for specialized applications.

  • M3064

    A wide variety of Rocker, Starter, Toggle and many other switches. 

  • m2162
  • M4563

    110VAC to 12VDC
    Solid state converter provides ultra-clean DC power free from "spikes" or "surges".

    Also serves as a fully regulated two-step battery charger.

  • M1389
  • m5486

    Electrical Hatch is made of Rovel material which can be painted. Door accommodates both 30 and 50 amp power cords. Key lock for security, Interior flange covers studs. Color: Polar White.

  • M5488

    Power cord hatches are manufactured of durable plastic. Front side features a secondary opening for 30 amp power cords. Closes tightly when not in use. Color: Polar White. 3" round cutout.

  • m5047
  • M2170

    Fuses, Fuse Holders, Fuse Panels

  • M-7165

    Marinco introduces the Dual USB charger. An expansion of the durable SeaLink 12V product line, the combination Dual USB features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USB’s, a blue LED to show that power is available, and a cover to prevent water and dirt from entering the ports. The Dual USB has a 12 to 24 Volt input with a 5 Volt output, a total of 2.1 amps output between the two ports. These products are ideal for your USB onboard charging needs and designed for longevity in the marine environment.

  • Marinco

    Marine receptacles, adapters and cords.

  • M1260
  • m2001



    Flexible oil resistant vinyl grommets
    Insert into predrilled holes
    Guards against cut or frayed wires

  • M1933
  • Dual Booster Cable

    This category offers several types of battery cables, designed to carry significant electrical power for automotive systems. Featured cables include:

  • M7127

    Standard colors— Yellow, white, brown, green

  • M4628
  • m7188

    100' Spools

    • Underwriters Lab, Inc. listed boat cable rated 600 volts meets Department of Transportion, and Coast Guard specifications for electrical systems.
    • For temperatures up to 221°F (105°C) dry and 167°F (75°C) wet.
    • Cable has electro-tinned, plated copper strands for greater corrosion protection.
    • Each conductor in insulated and jacketed with flame retardant PVC for internal wiring of electric and electronic systems.
    Larger Spools on Special Order

  • M5528
  • m3213

    • Stranded annealed, single conductor
    • General purpose thermoplastic (GPT) insulation
    • Recommended for trucks, cars, and general use
    • For use at 60 volts or less
    • Meets SAE J1128 specifications
    • Termperature rating of 80º C (176º F)
    • RoHS Compliant
    Other colors, gauges and lengths available on special order.

  • M4609

    • Full gauge copper conductor
    • Tough, high temperature PVC insulation - abrasion and chemical resistant
    • Recommended for connecting battery to switch, starter and ground
    • For use at 60 volts or less
    • Meets SAE J1127 specifications
    • Temperature rating of 105° C (221° F)

  • M7083

    Adhesive Backed

  • M3017
  • M3200
  • M1948

    Secures all types of wiring to the body or frame.

  • M3206

    Fast, dependable way to make connection without stripping or special tools.

  • M5092

    • Heat Seal Terminals
    • Shrink Tubing
    • Solderless Insulated Terminals

  • M1946
  • M7085
  • m2306

    • Single and Two pole lift gate power cords
    • 4 and 6 way RV coil assemblies
    • 7 way coil assemblies

  • M-1206

    Electrical Receptacles in a Single Enclosure for RV, Construction, Home and Farm

  • M3071

    P-41G - Park receptacle supplied with fuses. P-UO41C - Park receptacles supplied with circuit breakers.

  • M3268
  • M1261
  • M3267

    30 Amp. Female to 15 Amp. Male

  • M3266

    3 Wire. 30 Amp.

  • M5487
  • M3264

    Black 3# 10 wire

  • M3263

    Black 3# 10 wire

  • M3268

    This category includes electrical adapters and trailer connectors, to enable electrical conversion and wire extension. Products include:

  • m5130
  • M3116

    For outdoor use where a covered receptacle is needed. May be used with any type parallel bladed grounded standard female connector.

  • m6700
  • M4586
  • M4314

    12 volt rocker switch mounted on a 1-5/8" x 2-5/8" chrome or plastic plate.

  • m4319

    Weatherproof telephone jack (White)

  • m4318

    Weatherproof TV hookup with one or two 75 ohm "F" style connectors. For connecting cable, satellite, or outside TV

  • m4321

    Weatherproof TV/Phone hookup with one 75 ohm "F" style connector and phone jack (White)

  • m4316
  • M1898
  • m3607

    This category contains an assortment of battery testers, to ensure proper battery function. Featured variants include: