• m1962

    A waterproof and corrosion resistant connection


    1. Select correct splice size for wire guage.
    2. Strip wire, insert into connector and crimp.
    3. Apply heat to splice working from the center out
    4. Heat until tubing recovers and adhesive melts.

  • m1979a

    Shrink Tubing is measured by its inside diameter before shrinking. Color: Black
    Sold Four 6" pieces per bag.


    1. Slide tubing over wire.
    2. Crimp terminal on wire.
    3. Apply heat (200°C to 300°C).
    4. Cool for a tough, rigid insulation.

  • M5092

    Insulated Terminals

    • A selected assortment of popular terminals for automotive and marine use
    • Color-coded insulators designate wire gauge size