• M1195

    Also available in 1-1/4 x 6 & 1-1/4 x 9 on special order.

  • H-8517


    Back of plate to center of hole3-1/2"
    Hole center to front of collar 2-1/2"
     Takes 5/8" Hitch Pin

  • M5810

    Black powdercoat finish

  • M1400
  • M1113

    Casters not included

  • M1117

    When selecting Casters and Jack Feet consult Dimension “B” and inner tube diameter of Jack Selected

    Note: When a jack is used in conjunction with a caster, the caster limits the capacity of the jack caster system to 1,000 pounds.

  • M1088

    Pivoting screw type tongue jack is easily rotated to a horizontal towing position. Zinc Plated. Large corrugated poly grip handle. Tough polypropylene wheel. Fits square tongues up to 3" x 5". Can be adapted for round tongue mounting. Packed one per carton.

    Easily rotated to towing position by spring loaded double pin locking mechanism. 10" travel.

  • M5466
  • H9277


    Drop leg jack with standard disc foot.

    13.50" additional drop leg extension.

    With crank. 12,000 lbs. support capacity

  • M1636

    Stack Jacks™ allow for secure and level RV positioning and structural stability. Each jack, made of textured cast aluminum, supports up to 6,000 pounds and extends 11" - 17". The construction is corrosion resistant with plated steel hardware. The complete set of four jacks includes handles.

  • M-1397

    For leveling Rv's and other vehicles

  • M1034

    High Strength
    One Piece
    Steel Pin
    Zinc Plated

  • M7028

    This locking hitch pin provides security for your trailer, boat or other towing equipment. Two sizes are available to fit most hitches.Our 5/8 pin is used on 2 receivers while the 1/2 pin is used on 1 1/4 receivers. Chrome plated steel with protective cover and two keys.

  • M5160

    Availabe in zinc or stainless steel. In stainless pins the pin, wire and clips are all 300 Series Stainless Steel

  • M5153

    Hairpin provides positive locking; Each pin complete with hairpin.

  • M1196
  • m1348
  • M4642

    • Dampens sway caused by traffic & crosswinds
    • Friction brake keeps trailer & tow vehicle stable
    • Quick attachment to trailer frame & ball mount
    • Easy removal for long term storage
    Note: Do not use sway control with surge brakes.

  • H9265
  • M-5743

    • Includes one Safety Latch Clevis Hook
    • Grade 43 and 70 Plus
    • Total length 35"

  • m1218

    • Supplied with S hook on each end
    • Grade 30 Plus

  • M5143
  • M4189

    Theft-proof ON or OFF the car.
    Locks like a vise.
    Solid cast, heat treated for toughness.
    Fits most couplers.

  • M-4219

    Push-button high security locks
    High strength body
    Stainless steel locking pin
    Powder coat finish While supplies last

  • M1047



  • M2189

    Assembly comes complete with coupler, 3 or 5 position channel and fasteners

    • Heavy duty steel construction.
    • Multi-position mounting in either 3 position, 5 position channel.
    • Zinc-plated easy latch mechanism allows for quick engage/disengage of coupler.

  • M5819

    Adjustable Ball Coupler, formed steel channel - 1/2" thick complete with coupler channel and fasteners. May bolt or weld mounting plate only.

  • M5826

    Use Grade 8 - 5/8" bolts (not included)

  • M1200

    Durable Plastisol resists oil & grease. Designed to lock firmly in place.

  • m1051
  • M1073
  • M1186
  • M7093

    The TRI-BALL offers black or chrome balls in all three towing ball sizes (1-7/8", 2" & 2-5/16") on one solid shank.
    The ADJUSTABLE TRI-BALL has the same features as the tri-ball, plus the versatility of 12" of vertical adjustment. Chrome balls are standard on the adjustable tri-ball.

  • M2418
  • h9966

    • Low profile Latch
    • Adjustable for up and down movement to fit Trailer
    • Removable so it does not interfere with salt spreading equipment, etc.

  • H9428

    With dual locking assembly. Ball sizes - 1-7/8", 2", 2-5/16"

    • Finish - Black/Chrome Ball
    • Individually boxed
    • Max. Vertical Load - 3000 lb.
    • Do not weld or modify
    The dual purpose hitch makes it possible to use a tow ring or a ball coupler. When in use, always have the latch in closed position with the cotter pin in latch.

    Note: All sizes of dual purpose hitch balls are interchangeable. They are not a standard hitch balls

  • h9957

    • Fits standard 2" tow bar.
    • Receivers mounting plate punched for pintle hook height adjustment
    Pintle hook not included.
    • Plate 5" wide
    • Shank 2" solid steel
    • Hole Dimensions 1/2" x 1"

  • H-8510

    Cushioned rigid pintlehook with or without plunger and air cylinder.

  • H-8516

    Pintle Hook with Ring Release is shown Maximum Vehicle Load: 7,500 lbs Maximum Gross Trailer Weight: 30,000 lbs

  • h9963

    • Takes 5/8" Hitch Pin
    • Shank 2" solid steel
    • Double Locking Latch
    • 1 7/8", 2", or 2 5/16"
    • Chrome Ball 1" Shank
    • American Made

  • H9574
  • H9312
  • H9576

    For use with Drawbar eye dimensions: 2-3/8" to 3" with 1-1/4" to 1-5/8" diameter. To be mounted on a plate of at least 3/4" thick. Do not weld. Note the differences in the forged latch assemblies between the 15 and 25 ton.

  • h9810

    Features 3 Towing Balls and a Pintle Hook on 1 Solid Steel Shank

    • Black powder coated shank fits 2" recievers
    • 5/8" hitch pin holes
    • 1-7/8", 2", 2-5/16" welded chrome balls
    • 7,500 lbs. cast steel pintle jaw
    • Upper jaw locks in the open (up) position for coupler towing with the 2" ball.
    • Upper jaw locks in the closed (down) position for lunette eye towing.

  • M1717
  • M1716

    Extra length allows the handling of extra wide tires or wider tongues of custom built trailers. Fits either 4 or 5 hole rims. M-1718 comes with locking bracket and padlock.

  • H-8506

    Common Measurements:

    B = 6"  C = 4 1/2" F = 2"

    Do not weld or modify


  • H9575

    Draw Bar


  • H-8526

    • Rugged zinc plated trailer locking device.
    • Fits all 2-1/2" - 3" lunette eyes.
    • Accepts most 1/2" dia. padlocks.

  • H9287



  • M2198

    Adjustable forged eyes, formed steel channel - 1/2" thick, complete with eye, channel and fasteners.

    American made.

  • h9268

    Forged light duty tow hook in chrome or Black Powder Coated finish.

    Sold in Pairs

  • H9262

    Straight, front end, heavy duty tow hook.

  • h9271
  • H9283

    Tow Hooks


  • H8032
  • M6520


    Drop Forged and heat treated with alloy pins. Screw pin type -Forged steel shackles that feature an open-throat design that permits free line movement without undue wear. Screw pin shackles require no special tools to assemble.
    Meets Federal Specifications RR-C-271 Type IVA, Class 1.


    Consumer grade screw pin anchor shackles are upset forged and formed. These shackles are used in numerous farm, home, boating, or other lightduty activities. Hot dip galvanized for rust protection.

  • M2789

    • 3" side rails keep cargo in
    • Black enamel powdercoat finish
    • Mesh surface allows for easy cleanup
    • Corner markers help provide visibility
    • Attachment holes help secure loads
    • Angled design ensures max. clearance

  • H9407

    Assemblies include: Back Plate, Shoe and Linings, Magnets, Actuating Lever, Adjusting Screw and Spring Hardware. Units are assembled.

  • m6940