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Level Plus

  • Front-to-back or side-to-side leveling
  • Markings include number of inches required to raise or lower trailer or vehicle
  • Memory feature remembers hitch height when reconnecting to tow vehicle
  • No more jumping in and out of the truck

Level Light™ Reflective Level

  • Features a high-intensity reflective light source to indicate the level position
  • Level is obtained when the bubble crosses the light beam
  • Can be seen from a distance, especially at night
  • Saves time and frustration
  • M-1398

    Rear View Level

    • Levels travel trailer or 5th wheel from the driver's seat
    • Mounts on front of trailer
    • Easily seen from rearview mirror
    • Indicats side-to-side leveling
    • Built-in top level for front-to-back leveling using the tongue jack

    Cross Check Level

    • Front-to-back or side-to-side leveling
    • Built-in magnet for hands-free leveling
    • Optional screw holes for permanent mounting on trailer hitch


    Pressure sensitive adhesive

    Graduated precise index scales show the inches of elevation needed to level the vehicle from front to rear and side to side.

    Tilt Gauge For Off-Roaders

    Indicates precise incline in degrees. One gauge mounted on dashboard measures side-to-side tilt angle. A second gauge mounted on side door shows angle of climb or downgrade.