• M6678

    Self-priming: Just turn on the faucet... Run dry: A Shurflow pump can run dry all day long without damage. Swivel adapters included to fit both hose and pipe.

  • M5482
  • M-4132

    Eliminates fast on-off cycling of pump when water is restricted. Creates a steady flow. Pump motor will work part time only. Drain on battery will decrease. Easy to install. Recommended for any automatic pump.

  • M2568

    Only 3-1/4" High

    • Lift up to activate water pump
    • Press down for "city" water
    • Full stroke for hand pump
    3/8" hose barb for water tank supply. 1/2" P.T. fitting for city water supply.

  • M-5493

    Non-Automatic Bilge Pumps
    Traditional non-automatic bilge pumps are operated by the use of a control switch to sense water and activate the pump.

  • M4266

    Transparent design gives you an easy visual check of your water filter. If cleaning is necessary, it requires only seconds. The filter fits plastic tubing or hose, copper tubing or pipe. 1/2" BP x 1/2" BP.

  • M2542

    Zinc chrome plated with polyethylene plug. Male 1/2" pipe thread and standard garden hose connection for external hook-up. Supplied with check valve.

  • M5674

    Protect your water system appliances and pump from damaging pressures of unregulated water hookups. Reduce high water pressures. Permanently installed flush mount with brass garden hose fittings that connect dockside water entry and garden hose water hookup.

  • M3121
  • M2313

    Flush mount fill spout is designed to mount flush with RV side. High impact plastic with 1-1/4" BARB connection. Snap-shut design. Colonial white.

  • M2950

    Made of tough, high impact plastic material. All outlets are of hose barb design. Non-toxic, food grade polyethylene construction. Tasteless and odorless. Lightweight, one-half the weight of comparable galvanized tanks. Comes complete with all parts necessary for installation. Plastic tubing 5' long with clamps, flexible water intake line 24" long with clamps, and plastic drain tubing with cap 18" long with clamps.

  • M2772

    Electric holding tank heaters are specifically designed to prevent freeze-up in RV and Motor Home sewage disposal tanks and water storage containers. Protects while you’re driving. Protects while you’re parked. Delivers a safe 120 Watts at 12 V.D.C. or 120 V.A.C. A highlimit safety thermostat maintains the heater circuit at a safe temperature. Pressure sensitive adhesive backing makes installation fast and easy. The 30" x 13" foil heater has a 27" ground wire for maximum safety when operating on 120 Volts.

    When properly installed the heater will protect the contents of a typical 15 gallon tank at temperatures down to 0 degrees F. For 30 gal tank two units are required, for 45 gal. tank, 3 units are required.

  • H9848

    Water tanks should always be stored out of direct sunlight & protected from freezing. The tanks should be installed at room temperature, with complete support under the tank. The tank must be supported on one side & end with 1/2" to 3/4" plywood, or equivalent, & strapped securely in position. Tanks with a capacity of 30 gallons or more should be totally enclosed. When determining location of fittings, make sure all tubing & fittings are installed so that all stress is eliminated. Use elbows to prevent partial bending or collapsing of the fill, drain, or vent tubing when a change in direction is required. Almost all fittings should be “spun” or “heat-welded” into the tank for proper sealing. Such compounds as sealants, pipe dopes, greases, petroleum jellies, glues, or other adhesives are not compatible with polyethylene. Should you desire to test the tank, fill with water & check visually.
    Do not use a soap or detergent solution as the solution will cause stress cracking in the plastic. (All tanks are blank with no holes.) While supplies last

  • M2584

    Chrome 8" Deck Faucet with High Rise Spout and Clear Handles. Boxed.

  • M2648

    • Drawn from 23 Gauge - Type 301 (18-7) series nickel bearing stainless steel
    • Satin sanded deck finish
    • Designer styling with rounded corners
    • Double bowl ledge back
    • Meets ANSI specifications requirements A112.19.3M - 1987

  • M2611
  • M1867

    9/16" Stainless Band & Housing

    3/8" Plated Hex-Head Collared Screw

  • M-2777

    Patented holding tank rinsers with shut-off valves dislodge and flush stubborn waste deposits and odor-causing particles left after holding tank is emptied. Powerful rotary cleaning action reaches corners and walls of tank. One-quarter turn shut-off valve at your fingertips. All brass moving parts. Flexible Swivel Stik has a flexible 55-1/2" reach for basement holding tanks.

  • M2738

    Toilet and waste tank chemicals to kill odors and degrade waste to keep tanks clean and fresh.

  • M5189

    A 5 gal. drain-water and auxiliary waste holding tank. Tote tank is constructed from rugged non-toxic polyethylene and includes: 3" cap with 3/4" male garden hose outlet, 3/4" garden hose cap and 3/4" double female hose connector.

  • M5136

    Made of Polyethylene. Has 3" vented cap, 3/4"hose outlet, large wheels.
    Note: Tow bracket & 5' sewer hose included 

  • M1733

    • Flexible Drain hoses
    • Gate Valves
    • Adaptors

  • m6838

    • Connects directly to the RV waste outlet
    • Eliminates 3" sewer hose
    • Garden hose discharge port
    • Remote handheld on/off switch with 6' wire harness
    • Ability to dump longer distances
    • Ability to drain holding tanks at home
    • Easy cleanup and storage
    • Rugged portable storage case

  • M1778

    Self-closing temperature and pressure relief valve.

    3/4" male inlet and female outlet. All bronze body. Stainless steel spring. Thermostat positive, accurate and proven.

  • M4008

    Camco's fresh water hose with gripper is the perfect short distance hose. 1/2" flexible super heavy duty hose is reinforced for maximum kink resistance. Use in RV's, boats or at home. Drinking water safe. FDA approved material.

  • M2420

    Stop your hose from crimping at the RV water hook-up. This metal elbow includes an easy gripper. Made of durable brass for trouble-free use.

  • M5378

    Fits standard garden hose to control water flow.

  • M1773
  • M1768

    Fits: Kelvinator, Montgomery Ward, Norge, Intertherm, Rheem, Rudd, Westinghouse and State Water Heaters (after July 1975).

  • M3108

    The Universal and Flat Flange Element Kits consist of: 1-FHG Four Hole Gasket; 1-RHG Round Rubber Gasket 3/16" thick; the Flat Flange Kit also has 1-RRG Rubber Gasket 1/2" thick. The universal element has 1-RRG-U Round Rubber Gasket 3/8" thick. Each Kit will have total of 3 gaskets. Complete instructions on each bag.