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Waste Tank Hoses and Valves

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Econo-Flex Drain Hose

Economical, well made drain hose, ideal for recreational vehicles.

Heavy Duty Drain Hose

Heavy duty hose has almost twice the vinyl and wire as Econo-Flex drain hose.

Basic Valve

For connection to connector or bayonet ring

(Thetford #08706)

Gate Valve

Designed for vertical or horizontal position. Is easily installed in mobile sewage systems and quickly and efficiently empties holding tanks.

(Thetford #08669)

Thread on Adaptor 3"

For use on holding tanks

Bumper Hose Adaptor

Connect hose to RV quickly with an airtight odor and leak seal. Tapered ends accept all 3" sewer hoses. Stores with hose in standard 4" bumper. Non-restrictive, allows free flow.



Positive seal dust cap to protect drainage system

Dual Flush

Sprays water into lines to clear out clogged pipes. Get two-way jet cleaning action with this unique holding tank and sewer hose rinser. Transparent 5" polycarbonate fitting attaches between sewer hose and RV, then hooks to any standard water hose to create a powerful spray that helps reduce odors and malfunctions in RV holding tanks and hoses.

45° Hose Adaptor

Know when your system is clean with this see-through hose adapter made of break-resistant polycarbonate.

Garden Hose Adaptor

For dishwater disposal

Sewer Hose Rinse Cap

Thoroughly rinse your sewer hose before storage.  Locks onto bayonet fitting securely, and connects to a garden hose.  Fits Easy Slip™, RhinoFLEX™ and standard sewer fittings.  Can be left in place as a hose cap during storage.

Hose Adaptor

For connecting 3 inch sewer hose to drainage system

Termination Conversion Kits

For 3" Fittings

Rings for Sewer Plug Plate


Bayonet Ring

BAYONET RING Solvent cements to any 3" male nipple 3" DWV pipe.