• Marinco

    Marine receptacles, adapters and cords.
    While Supplies Last

  • M-7150

    • Circulates fresh air in boat cabin eliminating mold, mildew and musty air
    • Moves 1,000 cubic feet of air/hour or 24,000 cubic feet of air/day (4” model)
    • Rechargeable battery allows for 24-hour continuous operation
    • Whisper quiet fan operation
    • No wiring required
    • Interchangeable intake and exhaust fans
    • High capacity NiMh battery operates vent for up to 40 hours without sunlight on a full charge
    • Direct to deck installation
    • 3” and 4” models are available to fit any deck or hatch installation
    • Built-in on/off fan switch
    • Complete air and green water shut-off from below
    • All Day/Night PLUS models come complete with two fan blades,white plastic interior trim ring, insect screen, mounting hardware and an easy-to-understand installation manual.
    • Replaces NICRO 3” & 4” snap-in deck plates (fits existing holes once snap-in deck plates are removed)
    • NOTE: The 4" vent requires a 4-3/4" diameter hole, and the 3" vent requires a 3-3/4" diameter hole.

  • M-7155

    The MiniVent is the smallest and most economical solar vent in the Nicro line. At just 7' in diameter and approximately 1-3/4' high, the MiniVent is compact yet effective. The solar powered model is an exhaust vent only, but it will keep the boat cabin cool when you need it most - during the hot sunlight hours. Under solar power the MiniVent will move 700 cubic feet of air per hour. At night, even a light breeze will continue to ventilate the boat passively. Built-in shut off damper prevents water intrusion in rough seas. Fits a 3-3/4' installation hole.

  • M-2371

    HI Effiency surface mount series provide efficient and compact alternative lighting for commercial and industrial vehicles. Clear acrylic diffuser lens. One touch switch with 2 dimming levels. LED life of 100,000 hours and voltage input of 8-30 VDC.

    • Stocked with black end caps.
    • While Supplies Last

  • M-2376

    Thin-Lite™ LED surface mount series provide high light output with low amp draw. They offer years of reliable, virtually maintenance free service. Non-yellowing acrylic diffuser lens. One touch switch with 2 dimming levels. LED life of 100,000 hours and voltage input of 8-30 VDC.
    While Supplies Last

  • M-2800

    Black OEM, Heavy Duty and Super Sil Silicone Heater Hoses

  • H9739

    Zinc plated with screws.
    Fully reversible.
    Packed with surface strike.

  • M3121
  • M2568

    Only 3-1/4" High

    • Lift up to activate water pump
    • Press down for "city" water
    • Full stroke for hand pump
    3/8" hose barb for water tank supply. 1/2" P.T. fitting for city water supply.

  • M5011

    A unique blend of acrylic polymers that has a excellent resistance to ponding water. An emulsion base roof coating of outstanding appearance and protection. Dries to the touch in a matter of hours.

    Designed for use on metal roofs, wood roof decks and concrete roof decks.

  • M5608

    Hour Meters, Oil Gauges, Ammeters
    While Supplies Last

  • M1867

    9/16" Stainless Band & Housing

    3/8" Plated Hex-Head Collared Screw

  • m4371
  • m4336
  • M5577

    Tungsten halogen bulb produces 9900 bulb candlepower, with an average bulb life of 450 hours. Totally weatherproof design is constructed of high-impact polypropylene; complete with stainless steel fittings. Mounting bracket allows a variety of installations.

  • M5586

    • Complete drive unit enclosed in light housing.
    • Single control lever for vertical and horizontal movement.
    • Dual speed control for precise beam movement.
    • On-off and spot/flood beam selection from a single switch

  • M-4297

    This housing holds a powerful 25 or 55 watt halogen light with reflector and glass lens.  The light is adjustable by the end user to direct lighting where it is needed.  Two wire hook up.  25 watt halogen bulb draws 2 amps. 55 watt draws 4.3 amps Color: White,  Made in the USA

  • h8422

    File Cabinets, Wood Cabinets, Storage Drawers, Keyboard, System furniture

    Sold in Pairs

  • M-5749

    • Assembled with 2 Clevis Grab Hooks
    • Grade 70 Plus

  • m5130
  • M-7120

    • Placards fully comply with DOT specifications for transporting hazardous materials
    • All panels built from aluminum alloy and coated with acrylic paint with rounded corners for safety
    • Corrosion resistant hinges make changing panels simple.
    • Double-riveted Stainless Steel spring clips keep panels secure
    • Back plate constructed of corrosionresistant, formed aluminum with corners designed to direct away ice and road debris.

  • M-4669

    Black on Yellow Size: 18" High x 7' Wide

    Vinyl Banners are constructed with heavy duty 13 oz. vinyl laminated polyester. They are made to withstand wind force, water, oil and salt. They are tear and fray resistant.

    Mesh Banners are constructed with rhino-tough 9 oz. vinyl coated polyester, which allows air to flow through the banner for less wind resistance. Sewn with UV resistant thread and reinforced with stress point stitching. Top and bottom of mesh banners are finished with durable black edge binding.

  • M-4507

    Multisafe Safety Flags are constructed with heavy duty weather resistant mesh material, and reinforced with stress point stitching. Available in Red or Orange

  • M-4665
  • M7136

    FRAME • Clean bright finish • Sized to match other holders on truck • Reinforcing ribs to give added strength • 3 ⁄ 4" Sides allows rivets to secure better to trailer. • Corrosion resistant • Reversed punch rivetless attachment • No rivets in frame which allows installer to secure frame tighter to trailer walls.

  • m2001



    Flexible oil resistant vinyl grommets
    Insert into predrilled holes
    Guards against cut or frayed wires

  • M3017
  • M5092

    • Heat Seal Terminals
    • Shrink Tubing
    • Solderless Insulated Terminals

  • M1948

    Secures all types of wiring to the body or frame.

  • H9102
  • H9829

    Protects truck rails, running boards, rocker panels and many other applications. Easily trimmed both length and width. No drilling required Utilizes 3M adhesive over the entire backside to ensure maximum holding.Flexible design molds to most curvatures. Color: Semi Gloss Black.

  • M1940

    Black Polypropylene connectors for securing or branching wires out from convoluted Tubing. Accessories are measured by the diameter of the tubing needed.

  • M5136

    Made of Polyethylene. Has 3" vented cap, 3/4"hose outlet, large wheels.
    Note: Tow bracket & 5' sewer hose included 

  • M7031
  • M1880
  • M1717
  • M1716

    Extra length allows the handling of extra wide tires or wider tongues of custom built trailers. Fits either 4 or 5 hole rims. M-1718 comes with locking bracket and padlock.

  • M5660

    Heavy duty carrier designed for tough commercial/industrial use. Fits all American and foreign makes. Extends from 50" to 72" with an adjustable bracket to secure load. Heavy gauge steel with baked enamel. Supports load off roof. M-5671, same as M-5660 except increases load stability. Optional Adapter Kit available for use on Chevy, Astro, GMC Safari and Ford Aerostar Vans.

  • M4699