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M-1400 N/A Power Jack - 3,000 lb. N/A A deluxe 3,000 lb. jack featuring a "builtin" level right where you need it...on top of the power head.
A special internal limit switch provides"silent shut-off" and eliminates the annoying clicking at full extension and retraction.
A nite-lite makes it easy to hitch-up or unhitch after dark.
Other features include weatherproof head, powder coat finish and zinc plated parts,
2- 1/4" outer tube diameter extra large attached foot pad, and emergency crank handle.
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M-1401 N/A Power Jack - 3,500 lb. N/A Super 3,500 lb. jack has all of the features of the deluxe 3,000 lb. jack, but equipped with a super efficient 3,500 lb. lifting capacity ball screw.
A "built-in" level and nite-lite for easier hooking-up and unhooking are standard.
The 3500 includes an extra large foot pad and an emergency crank-through for manual operation.
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