• M-7070

    We offer a diverse range of shut-off valves, nylon Ys, clamps, plumbing kits, and more. See the product listing below.

  • M-5593

           16 Orange LEDs

    • 9 Flash Patterns
    • High Visibility
    • Heavy Duty Design
    • Rechargable Accessories Include: AC 110V, Accessory power plug or USB
    • Water Proof, floats
    • Magnetic base allows flare to be quickly attached to any metal surface
    • USDOT compliant
    • 1.25" x 4.25"

  • M-7165

    Marinco introduces the Dual USB charger. An expansion of the durable SeaLink 12V product line, the combination Dual USB features two ports to charge cell phones, tablets and other devices powered by USB’s, a blue LED to show that power is available, and a cover to prevent water and dirt from entering the ports. The Dual USB has a 12 to 24 Volt input with a 5 Volt output, a total of 2.1 amps output between the two ports. These products are ideal for your USB onboard charging needs and designed for longevity in the marine environment.