• H9729

    These winches are very strong, compact, and lightweight. Comply with Federal and D.O.T. specifications. For use with up to 4" webbing. All winches are right hand models.

  • H9733

    Heavy duty, wear and weather resistant load control straps, consist of the highest quality, strength tested webbing, hardware and sewing patterns. 4"wide with flat hook.

  • M5331
  • M7031
  • M5639

    Both winches may be hand cranked and have automatic brake.

  • M5167

    Winch cable with hook. Flexible high strength 7 x 19 galvanized aircraft cable 7/32" suitable for winches up to 2500 lbs. capacity and electric winches M-5639 and M-5640. Standard duty winch strap and hook. 2" wide polyester strap used for hand winches up through 2600 lbs. capacity. Breaking strength 4000 lbs. Forged steel hook with tensile strength of 7500 lbs.

  • M7034
  • M5602

    Assemblies for double line operation on electric winches.