• M1641

    • Quiet
    • Three Speed
    • Optional Thermostat available
    • Fits standard 14" X 14" Roof Opening
    • Dome-Polycarbonate
    • Base-Glass Filled Nylon

  • M-2969

    HIGH POWERED CELING FANS are easy to operate with convenient controls at the ceiling.
    When the lid is closed, the MAXXFAN will still operate to circulate air inside your RV. 

  • M1659

    Steel construction: tough,flexible,translucent cover minimizes glare,reduces heat, and eliminates breakage. Restricted opening for proper ventilation.

    • For 14-1/4"x 14-1/4" Rough Opening
    • Min. roof thickness 1-1/4"
    • Removable screen
    • White Plastic garnish
    • Colors available: White & Smoke

  • M1651A

    • For 14-1/4" x 14-1/4" Rough Opening
    • Insulated Metal Cover eliminates condensation
    • White Plastic Ceiling Garnish
    • Steel construction

  • M-7150

    • Circulates fresh air in boat cabin eliminating mold, mildew and musty air
    • Moves 1,000 cubic feet of air/hour or 24,000 cubic feet of air/day (4” model)
    • Rechargeable battery allows for 24-hour continuous operation
    • Whisper quiet fan operation
    • No wiring required
    • Interchangeable intake and exhaust fans
    • High capacity NiMh battery operates vent for up to 40 hours without sunlight on a full charge
    • Direct to deck installation
    • 3” and 4” models are available to fit any deck or hatch installation
    • Built-in on/off fan switch
    • Complete air and green water shut-off from below
    • All Day/Night PLUS models come complete with two fan blades,white plastic interior trim ring, insect screen, mounting hardware and an easy-to-understand installation manual.
    • Replaces NICRO 3” & 4” snap-in deck plates (fits existing holes once snap-in deck plates are removed)
    • NOTE: The 4" vent requires a 4-3/4" diameter hole, and the 3" vent requires a 3-3/4" diameter hole.

  • M-7155

    The MiniVent is the smallest and most economical solar vent in the Nicro line. At just 7' in diameter and approximately 1-3/4' high, the MiniVent is compact yet effective. The solar powered model is an exhaust vent only, but it will keep the boat cabin cool when you need it most - during the hot sunlight hours. Under solar power the MiniVent will move 700 cubic feet of air per hour. At night, even a light breeze will continue to ventilate the boat passively. Built-in shut off damper prevents water intrusion in rough seas. Fits a 3-3/4' installation hole.

  • M3060

    Designed to remove gasoline vapors from enclosures containing gasoline engines. They are also a versatile means of exhausting heat, stale air and odors from any enclosed area quietly. Constructed of a tough reinforced housing and one-piece plastic rotor for maximum corrosion resistance

  • Louver Vent

    Louver vents, different diameters and sizes

  • h9107

    • Design allows vent to open in either direction
    • Available in mill aluminum or black painted steel
    • Gasket Available
    • Black plastic trim optional
    • 1/2 open and full open positions in both directions

  • M-3030

    High Performance Centrifugal Blowers - 12V and 24V

  • M3049

    • Defrosts, Defogs, Ventilates
    • Aluminum fan blade
    • Maintenance free heavyduty motor
    • Permanently lubricated bearings
    • Ball Joint Swival
    • Mounting hardware and installation instructions included

  • M1666
  • M6910

    • Cast aluminum body needs only a 6" opening. Trim ring telescopes easily to adjust to roof thickness of 1/2" to 4".
    • Provides leak-proof installation; will ventilate efficiently with “power off.”
    • Polar white color top; comes complete with canemesh screen.

  • M4038

    • Features: Reversible S-blade (push/pull)
    • Sealed motor - dust and water resitant
    • All plastic is glass filled nylon - no inferior polyproylene mixes.

      An electric fan will increase mileage by as much as 15%, reduce drag on the engine so more horsepower is available, cut down on warm-up time in cold weather and eliminate noise of belt-driven fans. Includes four (4) 90° mounting feet and nylon tie kit. Optional wiring harnesses with temperature switches to switch fans on according to engine water temperature are available. Harness kits include heavy gauge wire harness, relay, weatherproof fuse, electrical connectors, and temperature switch.

  • Image

    They install with ease!
    Round nylon mounting rods, Spring steel locking buttons, Pre-cut foam pads, Protective edge guards, Two-way quick-connector radiator fitting.

    They last forever!
    Copper tubing, 360° tube-to-fin bond, Patented internal turbulator in every passage, Silver-brazed construction, Quality stainless steel hose clamps, Transmission fluid hose designed to withstand transmission fluid temperatures.

  • M1695

    For 1" to 2" vent pipe.