• M3018

    Connectors supplied with 12" color coded 18 ga. wire in a continuous loop.

  • M4260

    Converts 7-way blade connector to a 4-way molded connector. Connects ground, L.T., R.T., and stop circuits. Non-corrosive material.

  • M5201



  • M5233

    Provides 7RV blade and 4-wire flat towing. Multi-Tow® Connector gives you the ability to tow trailers with different wiring connectors from the same vehicle connector. This connector will replace the 7-way connector that came with your vehicle.

  • M-5234

    • Plug-In Simple!® Adapter
    • 7 RV Blade to 6-Pole Round and 4-Wire Flat
    • Center Pin Auxiliary on 6-Pole Round - Switchable to Electric Brake
    • Adapts to tow multiple trailers
    • Glows upon taillight activation. Helps find your connection in the dark

  • M5218

    4-Wire Flat to 4-Wire Flat and 6 Round Adapter

  • M5231

    4-Wire Flat to 4-Wire Flat and 7 RV Round Adapter

  • M6696

    Trailer Connector Adapters For 6 & 7-Way Applications

  • M7209

    Includes Built-In Solid State Converter
    (Circuit Tester Included)
    For use on cars, vans & trucks with rear amber turn signals or with seperate bulbs for turn signals & brake lights

    • Most years & models. Extends to 11'.

  • M7212

    Convertors reduce voltage drop & excess heat build up, improves illumination & brightness. Convertor includes a built in 4-way flat.

  • M7210

    Weatherproof mounting box to protect 4-way flat adaptors.