• m2150

    Protects and displays the condition of your battery and charging system with a push of a button. Protects engine computer and 12 volt accessories from damaging surges when jump starting or recharging. Easy 2 wire connection can be transfered to other vechicles. For all 12 volt batteries.

  • M3623

    100 amp load testing capacity, State of charge test, Starter motor test, Test battery charging and systems.

    • 0-16 volt load test range
    • 12" cables with color coded clamps
    • Handles up to 1000 CCA

  • m3607

    Standard battery tester instantly reveals battery charge. Tests all 6, 12, and 24 volt systems. Instuctions are Imprinted on product.

  • M3608

    Built in thermometer for accurately reading condition of battery fluid. Plastic housing.