• M2733

    Nontoxic Holding Tank Deodorant

    • All season odor control
    • Active waste digestion
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • 100% Environmentally safe
    • No formaldehyde
    • Fresh, pine scent
    • Concentrated - 4-ounces treats 40-gallons

  • M2731

    The dry holding tank deodorant goes to work instantly.

    • Controls odors
    • Keeps holding tanks clean and fresh
    • Granulated, non-dusting for emulation in water-tight 2 oz. foil packets help dissolve solids, including toilet tissue
    • Biodegradable

  • M7198

    Specifically formulated to dissolve toilet tissue in waste holding tanks.

    • Prevents tissue build-up & clogging
    • Keeps drain lines clean & free flowing
    • Safe for all waste treatment systems
    • Non-staining
    • App. 1/4 btl. poured into waste holding tank prior to using vehicle or after emptying tank will effectively control tissue build up.

  • M1358

    Holding tank systems: Drop 2 tablets through toilet opening into waste holding tank prior to use or after emptying tank. Flush toilet to add water to tank.
    Portable toilets: Drop 2 tablets into waste holding tank through valve opening with a small amount of water to cover tank bottom.
    Recirculating toilets: Drop 2-4 tablets into initial water charge. 12 Tabs per card.
    Not intended for grey water holding tanks.