• m4358
  • M4070

    Polycarbonate lens and housing.

  • M2987

    Sealed, 4" round stop, turn, & tail light may be used on both curbside & roadside of vehicle or trailer. Polycarbonate lens is welded to housing to form single unit. Kits include light, grommet & plug.

  • M5563

      Double and Triple light assembly

  • M4244

    Double-wire, flush-mount 4" round light functions as stop, turn & tail light. S.S. features heavy-gauge steel housing with black powdercoated finish. Black enamel features plastic housing fits in 4-1/2" hole & secures with three screws or rivets.

  • M5412

    Under-80" combination tail light. Includes the following functions: stop, turn, rear reflex, side marker, side reflex. Offered with or without license light. Mounts on 2" centers and includes mounting hardware. Grounds through 1/4" mounting studs.

  • M4245

    Stop-tail-turn light comes with a two stud mount. The light has a 4-1/4" acrylic snap-on lens, and is available with or without a license light. Has 16 gauge supply wiring and is selfgrounding.

  • m7258

    The L.E.D. tail light kit comes complete with a right and left LED tail light, 20' "wishbone" wiring harness, license plate bracket, 4' trunk connector, frame clips, wire connectors, and installation instructions. Totally sealed and submersible. Fits standard 2-stud mounting.

  • M5190

    For use on following trailers:
    Boat, motorcycle, horse, snowmobile,camping & utility.

    Super bright LED optics.
    100,000 Hour rated life.
    Submersible - No bulb breakage.
    Low AMP draw.
    Kit contains rear legal lighting equipment for any trailer less than 80" (2m) wide.
    Meets D.O.T. requirements.
    Roadside light contains auxiliary license light.

  • M5591

    For boat, snowmobile and all flat bed or stake trailers. Wires simply plug into back of lights. Marker lights have built-in reflectors. Includes a 20' fourwire split harness, frame clips, plastic license bracket, wire nuts and complete instructions.

  • M5197

    Kit includes two stop and tail lights, 25' wire harness, 48" trunk connector, license plate bracket, mounting hardware, and installation instructions.
    Front side marker lights and reflectors are needed to meet DOT standards.

  • M4326

    Ultra-bright, Great White® diodes with custom optics.

    4" Round LED back-up light Hard-wired design enhances reliability Grommet or flange mount models available Molded, 2-wire female plug for quick retrofits

  • M-4390

    Single and Dual Face Combination.  All products conform to DOT/SAE/FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirements where applicable.

    • 21 diodes per side
    • Ground wire included
    • Durable construction
    • Round 4" diameter, Square 5"

  • M4575

    Lighting and signal functions capsuled in a single pre-wired, surface mount housing for ease and economy of installation. Adds superb class and style. Colonial white that can’t corrode, chip, or flake. 3-pod model combines clearance, back-up, stop & tail lights, turn signal and reflector. 2-pod: backup, stop & tail lights, turn signal & reflector. Single pod: stop & tail lights, turn signal. License lamp & bracket, designed to complement Versalite styling.

  • M5547

    Rectangular, surface-mount light functions as rear stop, turn, & tail light. Features polycarbonate lens, galvanized steel base plate, doublefilament bulb, & tough plastic guard to protect lead wires. Mounts on 3-1/2" centers & grounds through mounting screw.

  • M6599

    Bulbs are sold and priced per carton

  • halogen-bulb

    Halogen bulbs are sold individualy in the each quanity.