• M4278

    Clear 5" diameter tractor/implement light 3000 CP sealed beam light. Installation kit for mounting on horizontal, vertical or slanted surface. M-4278 supplied with a black polycarbonate housing; M-5206 supplied with black rubber housing.

  • M-4297

    This housing holds a powerful 25 or 55 watt halogen light with reflector and glass lens.  The light is adjustable by the end user to direct lighting where it is needed.  Two wire hook up.  25 watt halogen bulb draws 2 amps. 55 watt draws 4.3 amps Color: White,  Made in the USA

  • M5577

    Tungsten halogen bulb produces 9900 bulb candlepower, with an average bulb life of 450 hours. Totally weatherproof design is constructed of high-impact polypropylene; complete with stainless steel fittings. Mounting bracket allows a variety of installations.

  • M-4204

    50,000 hour LED WhiteLight™ for long lasting, low power consumption service
    Color temperature provides a natural contrast most like sunlight, reducing eye fatigue and optimizing job performance
    Greater Lumen output with low power consumption than leading competitors version

  • M5300
  • M-4294

    Elegant yet rugged design.  12-30 Volts D.C. White Base. Made in USA 

    Dimensions: 5.85" x 3.45" x 2.2"

  • M-4299

    Heavy duty Stainless Steel base with unbreakable Polycarbonate lens. Operates as a general flood light with a 32cp bulb. Also incorporates a second circuit with an amber 12cp lamp.
    Made in the USA

  • M-4296

    Wet Location 12 Volt Incandescent
    A solution for demanding applications where wet location specifications are required. The light includes a pre-applied gasket between the base and the mounting surface and a second preapplied gasket that mounts between the lens and the base. White Base with Switch. Made in the USA

    Dimensions: 5.8" x 3.2" x 1.6"

  • M5599

    Chrome LED, Spot/Flood or Halogen Spotlight

    The E-Z Grip knob and unit mounted switch provide amiable light where and when you need want it. The Beam™ Deck lights rotate through 360° horizontally and 180° vertically.

    • Round brackets stocked, also available with Magnetic, Square, Clamp or Angle Bracket on special order.

  • M5586

    • Complete drive unit enclosed in light housing.
    • Single control lever for vertical and horizontal movement.
    • Dual speed control for precise beam movement.
    • On-off and spot/flood beam selection from a single switch

  • M4292

    • Low profile styling
    • High impact ABS housing
    • Corrosion proof
    • Kit includes mini halogen lights, rocker switch, & installation kit

  • M3041
  • m7263

    • Spring Clamp
    • Magnetic Base Reflector Head
    • Guard Head
    The 4 in 1 premium worklight comes with an 18' cord with polarized plug; a powerfull magnetic base; a spring clamp base; a reflector head; and guard head. It is UL and CSA listed for 60 watt bulbs.