• m4358
  • M-4375
  • M4169
  • M5190

    For use on following trailers:
    Boat, motorcycle, horse, snowmobile,camping & utility.

    Super bright LED optics.
    100,000 Hour rated life.
    Submersible - No bulb breakage.
    Low AMP draw.
    Kit contains rear legal lighting equipment for any trailer less than 80" (2m) wide.
    Meets D.O.T. requirements.
    Roadside light contains auxiliary license light.

  • M-4390

    Single and Dual Face Combination.  All products conform to DOT/SAE/FMVSS/CMVSS 108 requirements where applicable.

    • 21 diodes per side
    • Ground wire included
    • Durable construction
    • Round 4" diameter, Square 5"

  • M-4204

    50,000 hour LED WhiteLight™ for long lasting, low power consumption service
    Color temperature provides a natural contrast most like sunlight, reducing eye fatigue and optimizing job performance
    Greater Lumen output with low power consumption than leading competitors version

  • M4326

    Ultra-bright, Great White® diodes with custom optics.

    4" Round LED back-up light Hard-wired design enhances reliability Grommet or flange mount models available Molded, 2-wire female plug for quick retrofits

  • M4329
  • M-4302
  • m4207

    4" Round, flange-mount, LED dome lamp features bullet-proof potted for total circuit board protection. Theft-resistant flange mounted. Hardwire terminations. White powder coated housing. Low-profile design makes it great for trailer walls.

  • M-4300

    LED Light with High / Low Switch

    This light is an excellent replacement for 12 volt fluorescent lighting. A one foot fixture is similar in brightness to a 16 watt fluorescent light and is brighter than a double interior light with 21 candle power bulbs. Additionally, this light draws less current than fluorescents or incandescents, never needs replacement bulbs or ballasts and is totally unaffected by cold weather and vibration. In the full power mode draws only 0.63 amps in the full bright mode or 0.32 amps in the half power energy-miser mode.

  • M-4294

    Elegant yet rugged design.  12-30 Volts D.C. White Base. Made in USA 

    Dimensions: 5.85" x 3.45" x 2.2"

  • M-1463

    • Multi-module synchronization
    • Simultaneous or alternate flashing
    • Built in selectable flash patterns
    • Interior and exterior use

  • M-2914

    • Mounting Base: ABS plastic, epoxy encapsulated & 3 hole
    • Lens: Polycarbonate
    • Profile: Low
    • Lamp: 5 LEDs per head
    • FPM: 60 ± 10 Quad
    • Current Draw: .1AMP avg
    • Size: 5" Diameter x 3.63" High
    • Certifications: UL and CE approved

  • M-2907

    • Mounting Base: Nylon plastic, epoxy encapsulated & 2 hole
    • Mount: Permanent, magnetic or pipe mount
    • Lens: Polycarbonate
    • Profile: High
    • Lamp: 6 LEDs per head
    • FPM: 60 ± 10 Quad
    • Current Draw: .1AMP avg
    • Certifications: UL and CE approved