• M6724

    Surface mount reading lights feature prismatic reflector system for bright, directional beams of light. Separate switches for each globe, plus switched dome light on M6724. (UL Listed)

  • M4131

    Flush mount, high impact plastic light with built-in push on/off switch. Translucent white lens.

  • M-4300

    LED Light with High / Low Switch

    This light is an excellent replacement for 12 volt fluorescent lighting. A one foot fixture is similar in brightness to a 16 watt fluorescent light and is brighter than a double interior light with 21 candle power bulbs. Additionally, this light draws less current than fluorescents or incandescents, never needs replacement bulbs or ballasts and is totally unaffected by cold weather and vibration. In the full power mode draws only 0.63 amps in the full bright mode or 0.32 amps in the half power energy-miser mode.

  • M-4302
  • M4272

    High Intensity, surface mount, designed to maximize light output, enhance surrounding decor, and fully disperse light pattern. The most powerful available and most reliable. Unbreakable lens. CSA NRTL/C Certified.

  • M5091

    Bright 12-volt interior dome light used for general illumination. Features nylon switch & polycarbonate lens. Lens attaches to metal base, & unit surface mounts with screws. Mounts on 3-1/2" centers. Separate ground & lead wires supplied for electrical connection.

  • M5438

    Interior and compartment light. Highly polished chrome plated brass. Hooded to shield against upward glare.Mounts with two screws on 2" centers and has separate ground wire for nonconductive surfaces.

  • M5019

    12-volt courtesy light used for low-level general illumination. Features black housing, rocker switch, & aluminum base. Surface mounts on 2-1/8" centers. Separate lead & ground wires for electrical connection.