• M5317

    Lever & Key Operated
    6-36 volt, 180 amps continuous capacity 1,000 amps in rush. With or without .025 indexing post

    S.P.S.T. Off-On two stud terminals for battery circuit only. Does not disconnect alternator or generator field circuit. On vehicles equipped with alternators, engine must be shut off to avoid potential damage to alternator diodes. Instruction sheet induded.
    On/ Off Face plate included . Face Plates are 2.5 dia.., .76 dia center hole, .082 thick in polished aluminum with black letters.

  • m3069

    Universal design for automotive, truck, bus, marine & recreational vehicles. Snap-in mounting fit .830 x 1.450 panel cutout in .093, .125 & .187 thick panels. .250 blade terminals. Nylon bezel actuator & housing.

  • M3063

    Snap-in type mounting brackets

  • M2352

    2 positions On-Off S.P.S.T., 2 screw. All metal chrome plated bat handle.
    3 positions; MOM, On-Off- MOM S.P.D.T., 3 screw. All metal chrome plated bat handle.

  • M1875

    2 positions: MOM, On-Off or On-Off S.P.S.T., Knurled face nut, hex back nut, and terminal screws. Chrome plated bat handle
    3 positions: MOM, On-Off- On or On-Off -On D.P.D.T., Knurled face nut, hex back nut, and terminal screws. Chrome plated bat handle.

  • M3178
  • M1203

    (M-1203) 2 positions: On-Off. 2 blade terminals.(M-1204) 2 Positions: On Red - Off White. 4 blade terminals.

  • M3180

    EPDM Rubber Boot with 15/32-32 thread. Provides protection against salt spray and is resistant to weather and ozone. Can be used on toggle switches with 15/32" diam. mounting stem.

  • M2357

    Momentary start, universal type die-cast housing molded base-lock tumbler and two keys supplied. 4 position—2 keys supplied. Terminal nuts, lock washers, hex back nut, knurled face nut supplied, die-cast housing.

  • M2358

    Delrin, stainless steel ignition starter switch with added “Push to Choke” feature. Eliminates need for separate electric choke switch. 6 terminals. Special weatherproofing seal and drain hole.
    Replaces Johnson Evinrude number 388173, 390129 and 390133.

  • M3062
  • M4279

    Continuous duty or Intermittent duty, 12V, Insulated. Includes hardware. Flat bracket. Weather Resistant model is coated with protective grey plastic.

  • m2164

    Heavy duty momentary push switch with waterproof cover

  • M5303

    Two or three position models, with or without illumination. All lighted models are complete with silicon seal boot. Black textured finish. M-5303 & M-5304 are prelabled “Bilge Pump.” M-5305 & M-5314 include durable stick-on labels for all boat systems. Includes mounting screws.

  • M4280

    Low air pressure universal warning buzzer. 12V with 2 screw terminals. 76 dB at 4 feet.

  • M-4283

    Universal—Mounts through floorboard. Three 1/4" - 20 tapped holes, 3/4" and 1-3/4" on center. With 3 Flat Screw Terminals and 4 Bullet Terminals supplied in separate hardware kit. 3 Screw Terminals. Replaces: Delco Remy 3 - screw type terminals, Ford solder type terminals and autolite 4 plug terminals.

    • On (Low Beam) - On (High Beam)
    • "S.P.D.T" 2 Position

  • M3181
  • M4264