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Fire Extinguisher Regular Dry Chemical B:C

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Types of Fires-Class A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, paper, rubbish, plastics. Class B: Flammable liquids such as paint, grease, oil, gasoline, liquefied petroleum (propane & butane). Class C: Electrical equipment such as motors, controls, panels, wiring switch boxes.
Types Of Extinguishers-Class BC: Controls B or C or combination B-C fires. Class ABC: Controls fires in everything from wood to wiring (ABC) but not burning metals.

Note: The higher the UL rating, the better the Fire Extinguisher.

These Sodium Bicarbonate based extinguishers are for Class B & C fires. They are ideally suited for garages and service bays, fuel storage areas, boats, trucks, and as supplements to compatible restaurant/kitchen systems.

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M-2966 2 3/4 lb 10 B:C 6 Pk. 30 lb .86 ft³ 14 1/4 Inch $36.95
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