• M-4375
  • M4169
  • M6726
  • M4054

    Polycarbonate lens, sonically sealed.

  • M4235

    Round clearance/side marker light has a rugged ABS base and an acrylic snap-on lens. This unit is ready for surface mounting with quick connect wiring installation for supply wire and is self-grounding.

  • M4049

    Polycarbonate lens, sonically sealed.

  • M5565

    Rectangular clearance or side marker light with chrome-plated ABS housing. Mounts on 2-11/ 16" centers using lens screws as mounting screws. Twist-in socket assembly contains both lead wire & ground wire for mounting on all surfaces. Requires 1-1/4" socket hole for installation.

  • M4081

    Polycarbonate lens and housing - sonically sealed. Contains 2 bulbs.

  • M5179

    Acrylic lens features built-in reflector and precision optics for brilliant signal, and eliminates the separate reflector. Includes durable, molded base with single-bulb socket. Includes single lead wire and grounds through mounting screw.

  • M4084

    Lens and housing are sealed.

    Light includes hot wire with stripped wire.

  • M4239

    Units function as clearance, side marker, or identification light, and may be used as combination side marker and clearance light when properly mounted. Features durable base with external mounting holes and acrylic lens that snap-locks onto base to secure lamp. Includes single lead wire and grounds through mounting screw.

  • M4227
  • M4329
  • M5598
  • M5553

    Features the patented VIBARĀ® socket, tough polycarbonate lens, & ABS hood. All internal parts are durable stainless steel or tinned-brass. Surface mounts on 3-1/4" centers.

  • M5597

    Used in instrument panel and compartments.
    Tubular clear plastic lens.
    Cold rolled steel body.
    Bright cadmium finish.

  • M1142

    Brackets are designed for use with most studmounted tail lights and are available in either zinc-plated steel or molded plastic. Plastic brackets resists corrosion and flexes on impact.

  • M4251

    License plate bracket only. Fits M-4246 and other lights.

  • M5313

    Cab Light


  • M6599

    Bulbs are sold and priced per carton

  • M4149