• M7061

    Available with 14 and 22 gauge steel and stainless steel case material, varying btus, and aluminum or glass nylon filled fan material, we offer an array of cab-cargo heaters to meet your industrial needs.

  • M-7318

    Our under dash mount heaters are available with varying power requirements and for diverse industry applications. See the product listings below.

  • M-7070

    We offer a diverse range of shut-off valves, nylon Ys, clamps, plumbing kits, and more. See the product listing below.

  • M1850

    Used primarily as a boost pump for increased coolant flow through heaters, this unit is highly efficient as a circulation pump in closed-looped heating and cooling systems. Liquid Temp: -22 F - +212 F (-30 - +100 C)

    Also available in 24V (Special Order)

  • M-2800

    Black OEM, Heavy Duty and Super Sil Silicone Heater Hoses

  • M1831

    This adapter has a convenient, soft nose handwheel P.O.L. on one end and a unique brass 1" 20 male swivel fitting with “0” ring and valve on the opposite end. The durable thermoplastic hose has a working pressure of 350 P.S.I. and a 1750 P.S.I. burst rating. With this hose you can quickly and safely adapt any appliance, normally fueled by small disposable cylinders to a larger, refillable L.P. vapor tank. Unlike most competitive models, swivel fittings on both ends of the hose eliminates the necessity of turning the entire hose to make the connection.

  • M1749

    24" U.L.- C.G.A. listed Thermoplastic Pigtail.
    Excess flow P.O.L. x 1/4" inverted flare.
    Comply with R.V.I.A., O.E.M. requirements.

  • M1745

    From L.P. gas regulator to appliance.
    1/4" ID rubber L.P. hose. 3/8" flare fitting (service end) x 3/8" male pipe (regular end).

  • m1845

    Designed to insure an uninterrupted gas supply for all your RV appliances: Pilot lights, Refrigerator, RV stove, water heater & other vital systems. The "remote sensor" recognizes when the regulator has "changed over" & is drawing from the second cylinder (reserve). The sensor signals the "indicator box" located inside your RV to start "blinking", alerting you that the main cylinder has emptied.