• H8135

    Easy to install no-maintenance bumpers.

  • H8132
  • H8134

    Reinforced where it counts

    All prices include 2 1/2" S“ hooks. Hooks and pinches permanently to top.

  • H5800

    Snug-fit fastening with no rattle. Heavy duty fastening, for use on hoods, battery box covers, access panels. Won’t rust or corrode. Standard set comes complete with the bracket stem down (H-5803) & anchor bracket (H-5804). An optional stem up bracket (H-5802) is available. Hardware zinc plated.

    H-5800, H-5801, H-5823, and H5824 come complete with bracket stem down and anchor bracket

  • M5506

    After a brush against a wall, loading dock, or another vehicle, rub-a-fenders return to original shape.

  • H8946

    Special high grade weather-resistant industrial rubber fender for trucks, busses, tankers and trailers. After a brush against a wall, loading dock, or another vehicle, rub-a-fenders return to original shape. Solve legal width problem - easily installed - always attractive. Approved for use by leading truck and bus body fabricators.

    Sold in full rolls only.

  • H8953

    Flexy Flares are not only a handsome styling addition, but offer extra protection against mud, dirt, gravel and road debris that otherwise would be thrown into your fenders and doors. Constructed from heavy duty E.P.D.M. synthetic rubber, these durable bolt-on flares won’t crack or peel in cold weather or droop from high temperatures. Wire can be hand formed to match tight curvatures

  • M-1908

        Comes in a variety of specially designed shapes, made from custom formulated E.P.D.M. sponge rubber compound. "HT" General purpose pressure sensitive adhesive system.  Recommended temperature range -20° through 176° F   Excellent resistence to water, ozone, sunlight aging, low temperature, and compression set.

  • H8002

    For all Cars, Trucks and Trailers. Resilient sponge rubber door flange weatherstrip.

  • M1948

    Secures all types of wiring to the body or frame.

  • H9102
  • M1745

    From L.P. gas regulator to appliance.
    1/4" ID rubber L.P. hose. 3/8" flare fitting (service end) x 3/8" male pipe (regular end).

  • m7078

    1/4" , 3/8" and steel reinforced

  • M7071

    For chocking trailers, off-highway construction equipment, buses, and other applications.