• M1108
  • M1144
  • M1099

    2, 4, 6 & 8 Brake System

    • Inertia-activated proportional braking
    • Ergonomic styling with no manual leveling
    • Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking
    • Exclusive “boost” feature allows the trailer to slightly lead a braking event
    • Proportional braking in reverse
    • Digital display depicts secure trailer connection
    • Visual warning if trailer becomes disconnected
    • Power-saving sleep mode when unit not in use
    • Quick disconnected feature allows removal of unit for safe storage
    • Preassembled wire harness for simple hookup
    • Pocket mount available
    • Meets N.H.T.S.A. regulations regarding tow vehcle/trailer light activation

  • M2192

    Prevents actuation of electronic brake control by 4-way flasher circuit. Contains heavy-duty isolation diode, does not affect operation of tow vehicle or trailer lights.

  • M1072

    Designed for the fleet operator having tow vehicles equipped with air brake systems. Unit offers either manual or automatic air actuation of electric trailer brakes.

  • M1545a

    • Activates trailer brakes upon separation from tow vehicle.
    • Built-in battery meter with L.E.D. test lights.
    • Convenient test button verifies battery charge.
    • L.E.D.'s indicate: Fully Charged, Re-Charge, or Charging.
    • Built-in battery charger.
    • Charges battery while plugged into vehicle.
    • 1 to 3 axle capacity.
    • 5 amp hour battery.
    • Trailer breakaway kits are legally required in most states and Canada.

  • M1549

    Mounts on jackpost or A-frame with one bolt installation. Weather/Corrosion resistant. Meets or exceeds D.O.T. specifications. 12 Volt battery fits securely in battery case with optional battery charger. Compatible with all automotive electrical systems. Automatic shutoff can’t overcharge battery. Intended for use on single, tandum, and tri-axle trailers with electric brakes.
    Breakaway Kit includes: Battery case with mounting bracket, 12 volt sealed rechargeable battery and nylon breakaway switch.
    Note: Battery charger optional

  • M2394

    7-Way Trailer Emulator is used for the proper installation & set-up of a brake control when a trailer is not readily available. Brake control setup is accomplished using a built-in load module that will simulate electric magnet brakes on a trailer. (The emulator will also check electrical continuity of all circuits in the 7-way blade style connector.)