• m7271

    Solid Color and Hazard Stripe

    Our line of Colored Traction Tape products is an effective way to offer visual of a slip and fall hazard. The surface is an aggressive 60-grit impregnated compound on a thick PVC liner. Tape will adhere to most any clean, dry surface with an acrylic adhesive system. May be used indoor or outdoor.
    Available Colors and Stripes: Green(G), Yellow(Y), Gray(GY), Red(R), Clear(CL), Blue(BL), Red/White(RW), Yellow/Black(YB) and Yellow Watch your Step 3"x 60' M-7284 (WYS)
    To order use Stock # + Color: EX. M7271-RW

  • m7267

    2", 4", 6" and 24" Widths Premium or Contractor Grade

    Slip related injuries represent a high percentage of work and home accidents. OSHA has established strict standards requiring no-slip protection on hazardous surfaces. Anti-Slip Safety Tape is a tough, durable, adhesive-backed grit surface which provides long-lasting protection even when exposed to heavy traffic, water or grease. Indoors or outdoors, it gives excellent conformability to irregular surfaces; Installs easily to most clean, dry, oil-free surfaces.

    Premium brand high traction system to help ensure an OSHA compliant workplace. Has a 60-grit high traction surface. Recommend for long term OEM applications.Certified by National Flooring Safety Institute101-A "High-Traction". OSHA 1910.24 and 1910.26

    Contractor Grade is an excellent choice for most general purpose applications. The tape has a medium coarse Grit of 46

    Heavy Duty Extra Coarse deep texture (36-grit) surface for heavy dirt environments.

    Note: Additional Widths available on special order

  • M-5593

           16 Orange LEDs

    • 9 Flash Patterns
    • High Visibility
    • Heavy Duty Design
    • Rechargable Accessories Include: AC 110V, Accessory power plug or USB
    • Water Proof, floats
    • Magnetic base allows flare to be quickly attached to any metal surface
    • USDOT compliant
    • 1.25" x 4.25"

  • M5590

    Set of 3 in case for all Vehicles

    • Acrylic plastic strip reflectors, sealed and impervious to dust and moisture, unfolds to a triangular shape and are held firmly in place with a sturdy locking device.
    • Airflow design helps wind resistance.
    • Wire bracing controls degree of tilt while a weighted blow molded tube serves as a base and is equipped with non-slip foam pads.
    • Interior strips of molded florescent plastic provide effective warning for daytime use.
    • Permanently printed placement instructions on case and triangle

  • m1355

    • Water Resistant Plastic Cases
    • First Aid Guides Included

  • M5344

    Types of Fires-Class A: Ordinary combustibles such as wood, cloth, paper, rubbish, plastics. Class B: Flammable liquids such as paint, grease, oil, gasoline, liquefied petroleum (propane & butane). Class C: Electrical equipment such as motors, controls, panels, wiring switch boxes.
    Types Of Extinguishers-Class BC: Controls B or C or combination B-C fires. Class ABC: Controls fires in everything from wood to wiring (ABC) but not burning metals.

    Note: The higher the UL rating, the better the Fire Extinguisher.

    These Ammonium Phosphate based best sellers are designed for your customers who require fire protection against all three common fire types, Class A, B, and C. With these, proper selection is only a matter of size.

  • m7282

    • Exceed requirements of the NHTSA (49 CFR 571), and every strip carries the D.O.T. - C2 legal certification for compliance.
    • Modular pattern of reflective prisms allow it to be mounted in any position while maintaining reflective performance.
    • Typical brightness of 750+ candlepower.
    • Industry's highest visibility guidance full reflective strength from distances of 1,000 feet or more.

  • M-4507

    Multisafe Safety Flags are constructed with heavy duty weather resistant mesh material, and reinforced with stress point stitching. Available in Red or Orange

  • M-7120

    • Placards fully comply with DOT specifications for transporting hazardous materials
    • All panels built from aluminum alloy and coated with acrylic paint with rounded corners for safety
    • Corrosion resistant hinges make changing panels simple.
    • Double-riveted Stainless Steel spring clips keep panels secure
    • Back plate constructed of corrosionresistant, formed aluminum with corners designed to direct away ice and road debris.

  • M7136

    FRAME • Clean bright finish • Sized to match other holders on truck • Reinforcing ribs to give added strength • 3 ⁄ 4" Sides allows rivets to secure better to trailer. • Corrosion resistant • Reversed punch rivetless attachment • No rivets in frame which allows installer to secure frame tighter to trailer walls.

  • M-4665
  • M5629

    Traffic Cone Holders
    Vertical or Horizontal Mount

  • M-4669

    Black on Yellow Size: 18" High x 7' Wide

    Vinyl Banners are constructed with heavy duty 13 oz. vinyl laminated polyester. They are made to withstand wind force, water, oil and salt. They are tear and fray resistant.

    Mesh Banners are constructed with rhino-tough 9 oz. vinyl coated polyester, which allows air to flow through the banner for less wind resistance. Sewn with UV resistant thread and reinforced with stress point stitching. Top and bottom of mesh banners are finished with durable black edge binding.