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Battery Equipment

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Battery Separator™


For multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system. Protects chassis charging system from excessive loading, allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged.

The battery seperator has two basic operational  characteristics: Assist in engine starting and Protects the charging system.


Battery Boxes and Trays

Dual Booster Cable

Dual Booster Cable (Bulk) & Clamps

  • 2, 4 and 6 gauge meets SAE J1127 specifications
  • 8 gauge meets J1128
  • Conductor is 100% stranded copper
  • Rated at 60 volts or less
  • Packaged on spools
  • RoHS Compliant

Extra Heavy-Duty Fleet Booster Cables

  • Heavy duty 20' long Booster Cables
  • 2 gauge and 1/0 gauge available
  • M4609

    Starter Cable

    • Full gauge copper conductor
    • Tough, high temperature PVC insulation - abrasion and chemical resistant
    • Recommended for connecting battery to switch, starter and ground
    • For use at 60 volts or less
    • Meets SAE J1127 specifications
    • Temperature rating of 105° C (221° F)

    Battery Cable Lugs

    All copper-heavy duty-designed for easy attachment.

    Top Stud Stackable Battery Cables

    • 100% Copper Welding Cable.
    • High stranding and EPDM jacket for greater cold weather flexibility.
    • Excellant abrasion resistance.
    • For Group 31 stud batteries.

    Side Terminal Charging Post

    Charging post sets-one positive, one negative, greatly facilitate charging of ST batteries. Posts have 3/8" threaded stud to screw into side terminal batteries for easy charging with conventional charging equipment.

    Battery Terminal Accessories


    Quick Fit Battery Terminal Clamps

    4 gauge or 0 gauge cable input with two additional 8 gauge power leads for automotive accessories. Quickly make or repair battery cables. Designed to fit positive and or negative battery terminals. For use with a variety of applications

    Clamp Type Wing Nut Terminal

    Converts conventional post type battery for marine use or any clamp type application.

    Heavy Duty Commercial Battery Terminal

    Fit #1 to 4/0 gauge cable

    Heavy Duty Universal Battery Terminal

    Fit #6 to 00 gauge cable

    Battery Chargers


    Onboard Battery Charger

    Attaches easily & swiftly to battery tray or fenderwell.

    Universal mounting hardware is included.

    2 years limited warranty.

  • Ideal for maintaining automotive, RV and motorcycle batteries.
  • Fully automatic with complete shutoff.
  • 20" output cords mount permanently to battery terminals.
  • Rugged molded, sonic sealed case is resistant to water, gasoline, oil, solvent & acid.
  • m2150

    Battery Monitor

    Protects and displays the condition of your battery and charging system with a push of a button. Protects engine computer and 12 volt accessories from damaging surges when jump starting or recharging. Easy 2 wire connection can be transfered to other vechicles. For all 12 volt batteries.

    Battery Tester

    Standard battery tester instantly reveals battery charge. Tests all 6, 12, and 24 volt systems. Instuctions are Imprinted on product.

    Battery Hydrometer With Thermometer

    Built in thermometer for accurately reading condition of battery fluid. Plastic housing.

    Compact Battery Switches

    Easy to install on negative battery post. Battery is disconnected by unscrewing the knob a few turns, and reconnected by tightening the knob. Available with or without fused bypass

    Detachable Key-Operated Master Switches Panel Mount

    Key turns 90° to instantly connect or disconnect battery. Key is captive in "on" position and removable in "off" position. Weatherproof cover included. Incorporates flange for panel mounting from front or rear.

    Knife-Blade" Battery Switches

  • Disconnect batteries quickly and easily
  • Stop unwanted battery drain
  • Help prevent theft, tampering and unauthorized use Rated 250 amps continuous and 750 amps surge at 12 V